The thing you never asked for is finally here: Facebook video profile pictures!


Posted by Jodie Houghton

Yes you can now have a video as your Facebook profile picture.

Those sneaky folk over at Facebook have rolled out an update with some pretty cool changes, most notably, the looping Vine style video profile pictures. Naturally we tested this with a a terrifying video courtesy of the latest Snapchat update. 

Facebook Video Profile Picture

Another thing that will make your profile look a little different is the 'Featured Photos' section. This lets you choose five photos that sit below your swanky new video profile picture. You can also add a Twitter style bio to your profile, but keep it under 101 characters.

If you're keen on keeping your profile up to date, then you'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has also introduced temporary profile pictures that expire after a set amount of time, so you can upload your TBT's for a day, or set a holiday photo for a week.

All of this is said to come off the back of the success of the 'Celebrate Pride' Facebook campaign, that allowed users to apply a rainbow filter to their existing profile picture, to show their support for marriage equality. In no time at all our feeds were flooded with multicoloured versions of our friends. The overwhelmingly positive response showed Facebook that its users want to be able to express themselves through their profile. And seemingly looping videos were the answer to our narcissistic prayers!

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