You’re a retail brand and you’re seeing high direct and organic sales online. You’ve made the jump in the last few years to try to create a brand community across your social media platforms in the hope that it will eventually drive sales. Although you’re not quite seeing the sales volume you imagined when doing so. With social shopping finally finding its niche and becoming more efficient than ever, it’s time to introduce social shopping.

With opportunities to sell products across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, social shopping is an efficient way to reach out to existing customers and prospects. With major fast fashion brands such as Missguided and having stolen a march on the competition in its first light, social shopping is almost integral to retail brands in 2018.

Here are a few ways we utilise social shopping to drive sales:

Retarget non-converters

Now this may seem obvious, but you have to continue the conversation with a customer who has shown interest in your brand. Whether you’re targeting specific products that they’ve viewed before or asking them why they didn’t checkout, retargeting is an efficient solution to convert the ones who got away.

Retarget existing customers

You know they are au fait with your brand, and hopefully they have a history of purchasing from you. So take their previous purchase history and retarget them with similar products that are relevant to them to ensure they always have your brand in their feed. The likelihood is, if they’ve converted once, they’ll convert again.

Cast the net wider

Social shopping is an efficient way to roll out a brand awareness campaign to a wide, but targeted audience. Identify your ideal demographics and their interests, catalogue a number of your most appealing products that will appeal to each demographic and serve your ads. Not only will this introduce new prospects to your brand, it will showcase your products and usually has a high rate of conversion.

Instagram and Facebook have truly adopted the ‘impulse buy’ by adding a native payment option to their apps. They now allow customers to purchase in the app, not needing to leave to a website which has previously been a stumbling block in the sales cycle of social shopping. Therefore, now is the time to introduce social shopping.

To find out how we can help take your brand into the social marketplace and drive sales, contact us here.


By Chris Jevons

Senior Paid Social Executive

Social Media Pay Per Click

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