It’s a question we’ve all been asked, whether it’s during an interview, by a potential parent-in-law or on a date. There’s no escaping the future…

Here at Big Brand Ideas we’re no different. We have a vision and as well as our big ideas we have big plans. It’s been a year of great success, one we want to build on, so we’ve pulled together a 50-strong team of some of the industry’s finest talent and developed our Intelligent Engagement approach. This means brands get seen and heard, become more relevant to their audience, improve conversions and deliver meaningful results.

There was no better way to deliver our vision for the next five years than a presentation by Olympic and Paralympic gold medallists, Kate Richardson-Walsh and Menna Fitzpatrick. They joined members of the BBI senior management team on stage to discuss how their values map on to ours:

  • Passion
  • Imagination
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Ambition

As elite athletes they know only too well the characteristics of a great team and the importance of having a set of clear values to work towards and how they impact overall performance and culture.

Menna became Great Britain’s most successful Winter Paralympian in 2018 when she returned from PyeongChang with four medals including one gold, two silver and one bronze.

With just five per cent vision, Menna’s achievements are simply remarkable. Reaching speeds of up to 70mph with a 2m depth of vision she places total trust in her guide, Jennifer Kehoe. She talked to our team about her years of training and how they built a strong relationship between the pair which ultimately led to their success in PyeongChang.

Kate’s experiences are hugely inspiring too, she’s the most capped female hockey player in England’s history and led Great Britain to a bronze medal at London 2012 before going on to captain the side to their first ever gold medal in Rio de Janeiro four years later.


Kate captained England and Team GB for 13 years during an international career that included 375 appearances for her country and four Olympic games. She spoke to the BBI team about the work that went into creating a winning culture within Team GB women’s hockey and how her team, and other teams, must adapt if they want to be the best.

Working to four-year cycles both Menna and Kate know the importance of having clear goals and values. To hear their dedication to their sports and the sacrifices they made was truly inspiring and serves as a motivation for what we want to achieve here at Big Brand Ideas.

As part of her presentation Kate told us that the whole team used to ask themselves in the lead up to major events, would a gold medallist do that? So next time you’re in an interview, meet a future parent-in-law or are on a date, remember those words, write your five-year plan on the back of your hand and bring any medals as supporting evidence.

For now, this gold medallist is off to the beer festival…

By Patrick Giffney

PR and Outreach Account Manager