When we heard that our good friend was planning on embarking on an epic challenge to raise money for two charities close to our hearts, we knew we had to get involved somehow.

Now we’re not talking about a bake sale. This was 7 marathons in 7 days, whilst wearing a bright yellow morphsuit, under the pseudonym ‘Morphman’. This was bound to require a lot of support, and that’s what got us thinking.

So what did we do? We created Morphman his very own Snapchat geofilter to run (geddit?) over the course of his final few marathons.

morphman snapchat geofilter

Sticking with the theme of the morphsuit, and also the website (which we created – you can see it here) we opted for a simple yellow design. The geotargeting covered the location of the finish line which, not so coincidentally, included the local pub that the infamous Morphman manages.

Over the weekend we saw over 50 patrons and fellow runners show their support for Morphman by sharing their snaps with the geofilter.

13100955_10156919570520204_6966811944695658769_n    13091996_10209353659297124_1339498048808989519_n

13151493_10209353657457078_5632324996036403987_n    13096066_10209353658137095_3411978029216187180_n

Did you get any selfies with the Morphman filter? We’d love you to share them on our Facebook and Twitter! Or if you’re interested in finding out how Snapchat geofilters could help market your brand, get in touch with us on 0161 441 4740.

By Jodie Houghton

Social Media Manager

Design Digital Us Work

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