Voice Control Will Force an Overhaul of the Whole Internet


Posted by Jodie Houghton

As voice control becomes more common place, and more and more developers start integrating it into their apps, data centres are going to have to change to support the new tech.

We could be looking at a shift away from the CPU's that are used today and over to graphics chips and the like, that can perform lots of small tasks in parallel and with a lower energy cost.

"Jason Mars built his own Siri and then he gave it away.

Mars is a professor of a computer science at the University of Michigan. Working alongside several other university researchers, he recently built a digital assistant that could instantly respond to voice commands—much like Siri, the talking assistant offered on the Apple iPhone. Then he open sourced the thing, freely sharing the underlying code with the world at large.

Known as Sirius, the project is a way for all sorts of other software coders to explore the complexities of modern speech recognition, and perhaps even add speech rec to their own mobile apps. This, Jason Mars realizes, is where the world is moving."


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