Facebook has released its 2019 IQ Topics & Trends Report sharing its insights on the hot topics of 2018 and predictions of what will be big this year.

This report enables marketers to anticipate potential shifts in behaviour, including the foods people will eat, products they will buy, the media they will consume, physical activities they want to engage in and ways they may spend their time.

We’ve pulled out some of the highlights and mulled over what this means for brands in 2019.

Beauty Goes Green and Everyday Eco-Products

It comes as no surprise that in the year the Iceland palm oil ad stormed social media, conversation around plastic pollution, product packaging and sustainable living grew. Awareness of the environmental impact of microplastics spiked (by 7.2x) as cosmetic brands announced they would be swapping in sustainable alternatives. The report predicts that as the conversation on sustainability progresses, consumers and companies alike will continue to seek out sustainable replacements for everyday products.

Livestreams and Influencer Marketing

Conversation around livestreams spiked during November and December 2017 as viewers took part in stunts and offers from brands. At the same time there was also a big spike in conversation around influencer marketing, which would suggest that more and more brands looked to expand their Christmas advertising to influencers, capitalising on the increasing number of Millennials and members of Gen Z using social media to monetise their personal brand.

Wellness and “It” Ingredients

The buzzword on everyone’s well moisturised lips in 2018 was “self-care”. No longer reserved for wealthy celebrities, it was observed that Millennials were replacing materialistic items for wellness experiences that improve their body and mind, with a growth (of 1.6x) in conversation around self-care. People were also drawing inspiration from more traditional wellness methods, with FMCG companies incorporating “it” ingredients into their products, such as turmeric and eucalyptus.

It’s strikingly obvious from the report that the pressure is now on for brands to go above and beyond when it comes to social responsibilities and overall quality of product. As well as this, consumers expect to be able to connect with brands on a more intimate level, through the comfort of a familiar influencer or by communicating directly with the brand via livestream.

You can read the full report here or alternatively just give us a call and we’ll tell you how it can be applied to boost your marketing efforts in 2019.

By Jodie Houghton

Social Media Manager

Social Media

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