The Evolution of Lead Generation


Posted by Lynne Parkinson

The New Buying Process

Today’s buyer can learn so much information using search engines and social media to research a product or service before they even speak to a sales person – which means that they could find you before you find them!

Buyers overwhelmed by an abundance of information are learning to ignore messages they don’t want to hear. Marketers need to find new ways to be heard though the noise online, so they can find and connect with potential buyers.

This new buying process makes your online presence more important than ever.

Adopting a multichannel, lead generation strategy to collect a potential targets information, nurturing and then ultimately converting them to customers is much talked about, but are you really doing all you can? There is much to do and you may be doing some of it, but can you do more?

Companies must now focus on being found and offering relevant information that stands out from the crowd. The days of emails blasts and unmeasurable advertising have given way to targeted and behavioural marketing, generating valuable company-owned data rather than purchased 3rd party data of questionable quality.

There are so many channels and identifying which ones are relevant to your business is probably easier than you think. More than ever, decision making is based on factual insights and with live metrics to hand, quick wins can still be gained.

When it comes to lasting impressions and lead conversion, your website is where it all happens.

On your website alone, the following ‘tried and tested’ lead generating strategies can improve performance and, it’s all measurable – just ask Google!

  • Responsive design that offers a good user experience for users of all devices
  • Relevant, up to date content with a consistent tone of voice
  • Logically organised product pages that address customer pain points
  • Eye catching visuals and compelling imagery
  • Attention grabbing headlines
  • Strong and clear calls-to-action
  • A short web form with rewarding thank you page
  • Compelling ways to opt-in for content - one click away
  • Every page optimised for SEO

Big Brand Ideas can help you with lead generation strategies by getting your website up to scratch with a responsive design, targeted brand messages and search engine marketing.

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