There’s no denying that doing an internship in an integrated agency will give you invaluable work experience and make your CV stand out from the crowd.

The hands-on work experience you can gain will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, explore different industries and observe day-to-day agency life which will help prepare you for entering any workforce.

Here’s our top five reasons for why to do an internship:  

Explore your career path

Internships allow you to explore different sectors including, web development, graphic design, digital strategy, account management, PR and social media. It’s a great opportunity to discover interests in a sector you may not have considered before. You can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, helping towards career progression.

Develop new skills

One of the most vital things to take away from an internship is newfound knowledge. From writing to designing and web development, you can learn lots of specialist skills and how to successfully apply these. As well as developing industry skills and knowledge, you’ll learn skills in communication, organisation and team work.  

Boost your CV

When applying for jobs, most employees will look for someone who already has some work experience. This not only shows that you have the training but that you were willing to proactively learn. It will also highlight that you can handle more responsibilities, require less training and have a varying skill set.

Build up your confidence

Not only will you gain confidence in your work but being in a professional environment will help you feel more comfortable and at-ease in the workplace. At university and college, you’re taught specific techniques, but an internship will give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learnt in an environment where you can really learn how to improve.

Gain valuable experience

Whilst classroom work focuses on important information, an internship will give you unforgettable hands-on experience where you’ll gain real accomplishments which you can add to your CV. Not all the experience will be work-related either, you’ll learn what it’s like to be in an office-environment, different work cultures and see how people interact.

Here’s what previous interns have said

“I’ve been lucky to have the chance to work with an extremely talented team of energetic, friendly and engaging people. Everyone has been more than happy to help me along the way and share their knowledge and experience of the industry.” Emily Kersh, Fallibroome Academy

“I found my week to be very helpful in terms of strengthening my knowledge of marketing and I now have more experience in this field as well as understanding how an integrated agency like this works.” Ben Palmer, Fallibroome Academy

Sounds like it’s for you?

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By Tamsin Dyson

PR and Outreach Account Manager