Taking the Hassle out of Website Maintenance


Posted by Tim Butler

Maintaining your website might not be the most glamorous of tasks, but it's certainly one of the most important. Keeping a website up to date is not only essential for security, it can also benefit performance and even improve search engine rankings.


Maintaining a site includes aspects such as updating software - this could be the CMS (content management system) used to maintain a website, the programming language and software that power the site (e.g. PHP or MySQL) or other frameworks and code libraries such as jQuery. Upgrading to the latest versions will ensure that any recently discovered vulnerabilities are fixed, as well as any bugs or unexpected errors that can sometimes occur. At Big Brand Ideas we take security very seriously, so we always check client sites for updates regularly. Keeping code up to date means it is more likely to be compatible with new features that you might want to add, and reduce the risk of other components not functioning as expected.


As well as reducing the risk of security issues, by upgrading a site it can also improve performance - making it respond faster and reducing loading times. Slow sites can be painful to use, leading to visitors getting frustrated or even leaving the site altogether. Keeping a site up to date is one way to minimise the risk.

SEO Benefits

Google loves sites that are regularly updated - both in terms of the software and code powering it as well as the site's content. Regular updates demonstrate that you are maintaining a well organised website, so actively maintaining a site can often lead to improve search engine results. Equally, a site running on out of date software can suffer from reduced online visibility.

Data Backups

As part of the ongoing maintenance we provide, BBI also carry out full site backups of client's websites, databases and email accounts. This provides peace of mind, and in the event of any issues we can immediately restore a fully functional version of the site. Your data is one of your most valuable assets, so ensuring you can recover it could be critical to the success of your business.

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