From channel choices to evolving algorithms, what are the social media must haves that will make a difference to your brand and what are the emerging and holding trends for 2019?

Our Supersize your Social Strategy report covers a range of topics to help guide and inspire your social media strategy including:

How to weave Live video into your social strategy

Whilst live video has been around for a while, its use by brands is rising steadily. Cisco anticipates that live video will account for 17% of internet video traffic by 2020, so it's time to look for ways to engage your audience in the real time moment.

Our report demonstrates ways to weave Live video into your social strategy, providing hints and reasons to go live.

Where to play, which content to use and where to get the best engagement

It’s not always clear which channels are going to deliver the right results for your brand. We look at which channels drive the best engagement including some facts and stats about the size and scale of the current social media landscape.

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Supersize your social strategy for 2019

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The ongoing importance of video

Video continues to dominate engagement success and ensuring you are optimised for mobile is more important than ever. Consumer and Google are looking for fast, accessible and engaging video experiences that inspire discussion and interaction, relevantly.

Influencers and storytelling

It’s a billion-pound industry but what will 2019 bring for brand partnerships with influencers? What will people believe to be credible, will the rise of the micro-influencer continue and is this the time for brands to start taking more risks with their influencer partnerships?  This is the year for brands to enjoy highly personalised relationships with consumers.

Social algorithms demystified

Social media algorithms play a super important role in a brand's ability to make an impact online. Although they can appear mysterious and sometimes confusing, knowing how to work with them will deliver business success. In our report we will go through each channel in detail highlighting how they work to get the best benefit for brands.

Our Big Brand Intelligence reports combine our industry knowledge, expertise and experience to provide incisive insights and inspiration to help you achieve even greater things for your brand. 

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By Abi Owers

Engagement Director

Social Media

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