You might not have noticed anything just yet, but between them, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are trialling lots of little changes that could change the way we engage with pages, and for the social media marketers among us, the way we manage clients’ pages.

Instagram is secretly trialling separating hashtags from captions

Social media marketers rejoice – your days of awkward spacing between captions and hashtags could be numbered. This update is so under-wraps, Instagram hasn’t even commented on it. But Jane Manchun Wong reported to TechCrunch that she was able to dig it out of the Instagram Android app’s code. It showed a completely separate “Add Hashtags” option underneath the caption composer and people tagger, meaning relevant hashtags can be added in abundance, without detracting from the post itself.


Facebook is starting to allow pages to join Facebook groups

Ever since brands were able to start their own groups on Facebook, we’ve been asking, when will Facebook pages be able to join existing groups? Well the wait might just be over. Facebook is now allowing some pages to join Facebook groups, and comment and interact within them as a business page. This could be a game changer for brands wanting to get involved in relevant communities, without having to start from scratch.

Twitter is bringing back the chronological feed

You asked for it, then asked for it some more… and finally, Twitter has announced it’s adding a new option that allows users to switch between “relevant” and “latest” tweets. Going against the general trend of algorithms in social, Twitter says it has “learned that when showing the best Tweets first, people find Twitter more relevant and useful.” However, it has “also heard feedback from people who, at times, prefer to see the most recent Tweets.” Isn’t that considerate?!

By popular demand – we might finally be able to ‘regram’

Another long-requested feature is being tested over at Instagram HQ – an official regram feature!

Instagram is denying claims that it’s testing the regram feature everyone wants to see, instead it’s working on a new feature known internally as “seamless sharing” and it introduces a new “share to feed” option that appears in the top-right of every post. There’s no saying this is actually going to make it to the app yet, but with users previously resorting to third party apps or direct messaging to share content, this could make a huge difference to official post reach and reporting for brands.

All that sound exciting? Too much to keep on top of? That’s okay! It’s literally our job to keep up to date with all of these trends to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their social media strategy. So, if you want a team who can deal with the regramming and hashtagging for you – get in touch, we’d love to help!

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By Jodie Houghton

Social Media Manager

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