Purple Rain, Pizza and a Morphman: our favourite Snapchat Geofilters!


Posted by Big Brand Ideas

You might’ve heard us talk about Morphman on our social media channels recently as he’s running 7 marathons in 7 days (in a morph suit) to raise money for East Cheshire Hospice.

As part of our ongoing support, we’ve got behind the event by creating a geofilter on Snapchat. It’s unique to the finishing line location, so anyone in the area taking a selfie will be entered into our prize draw for the best Morph-selfie!

morphman geofilter 

Our top rated snaps…

We got thinking about trending geofilter snaps and found some favourites to share with you.

As a tribute to the late Prince, Snapchat created a geofilter with purple raindrops falling from the sky to reflect his legendary song ‘Purple Rain’. As you can see, people all over the world went mad for it.

  morphman geofilter 3  morphman geofilter 4

We love the city snaps too - adds a little sparkle to your trip!

morphman geofilter 10   morphman geofilter 11

Back in March, they did an International Women’s Day geofilter, snapped by millions of women across the globe…

morphman geofilter 14  morphman geofilter 13

After the event we’ll be announcing the best Morph-selfie prize winner, so don’t forget to follow Morphman on Facebook and Twitter to see our multi-marathon runner’s Morph-snaps!

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