If you've been watching Dave this month you might have caught our idents sponsoring the Driving Entertainment segment. The idents depict three of the most frustrating types of drivers - tailgators, middle lane drivers and blameless drivers, all of which are often captured on Nextbase dash cams!

So how did this come about?

After working with Nextbase closely for some time we understood that one thing that really got their audience fired up was bad drivers. We decided that the perfect way to engage with their core demographic was to play on this.

Nextbase Dave 2-1.png

And what did we do?

We brought the idea to life through video, creating unique and colourful characters based on these bad habits, giving some top-tier influencers such as Goubtube and Jahannah James starring roles. We wanted to show how these traits extend beyond the road and to their every day life, with each character addressing their (often humurous and slightly ridiculous) daily struggles as a bad driver. Driving Entertainment on Dave seemed like the obvious place for our troublesome drivers, as we wanted to connect with the typical Nextbase demographic, yep you guessed it, drivers!

What's next?

Well, you will just have to follow the Nextbase Facebook page to find out...

Nextbase Dave 6.png

By Jodie Houghton

Social Media Manager

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