Bringing student education and lifestyle choices closer together delivered a strong return on investment for Trafford College Group.

Last night, some of the Big Brand Ideas team, along with the Trafford College Group, headed to the Hilton Warwick to attend the FE First Awards and won an Innovation & Creativity Award.

The FE First Awards celebrate the best in college marketing, and the Innovation & Creativity Award recognises original campaigns which have used imagination and initiative to implement, overcome any issues and the impact it has had.

The newly merged Trafford College Group, made up of both Trafford and Stockport colleges, challenged us to come up with a creative campaign to increase sign-ups and engage existing students in the lead up to the academic year.

The team created the #moreme campaign which was based around students speaking from their individual point of view with ‘me’ being the key word to focus on their personal aims and admissions.

The campaign ran across adverts in the cinema, on the radio, outdoors, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube resulting in 5.1 million impressions and 22,100 clicks through to the website.

The FE First Awards commented on the campaign: “Excellent context-setting and analysis was included in the submission, with good explanation of the planning and development of the project along with a good range of supporting visuals.”

We’d like to congratulate all the other winners and nominees as well as say a big thank you to the FE First Awards for a great night!

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By Jodie Houghton

Social Media Manager

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