RBS Chairman, Sir Howard Davies, has told The Times that the bank is considering changing its name due to the reputational damage it has suffered since the financial crisis.

The RBS name, he confirmed, is “under review” in a move which reminds us all about the importance of business branding.

A full name change is pretty extreme and, in most cases, it won’t be sparked by reputational damage but it is important to regularly review your visual assets and messaging to ensure your brand evolves as your company does.

We’ve put together a roundup of some of our favourite recent rebrands starting with BBC Two. The channel has rebranded for the first time in 20 years, which goes to show that even the most iconic of identities can’t pull off the same look forever.

BBC Two rebrands for first time in two-decades

If you’ve tuned in to BBC Two since the end of September, you may have noticed its new look which has been mainly achieved by redesigning its legendary idents. If you have clocked them, hopefully you thought they appeared ‘modern’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘stimulating’ as that’s what the BBC creative team was aiming for.

Controller Patrick Holland said of the rebrand: “The new channel branding reflects this constantly eclectic and stimulating mix of programming.”

It has started with 16 new idents, changing both visual and audio components, and plans to release more over time. As well as being visible on its broadcast and online channels, the new look will be used across marketing and advertising material and merchandise for an integrated approach


 Girlguiding updates its iconic badges

In order to be ‘relevant to girls’ lives now’, Girlguiding UK has updated its badges in its biggest shake up in 100 years.

187 of its badges have been refreshed, as well as their corresponding handbooks and new skills have been added which include coding and human rights.

The chosen style was the result of a consultation with 50,000 girls and is “bright, friendly, exciting and something for members to be proud of”.

One of the biggest challenges the charity had to overcome when redesigning its badges was creating a ‘visual language’ that resonated with people of all ages, so it could be implemented across its Rainbow, Brownies, Guides and Rangers age groups.


 A distinctive, disruptive brand for Moneybrain

This is one of our own so we’re probably a bit biased but Moneybrain, an online financial services aggregator which has been in business since 2006, is another favourite of ours. Since its launch, the business had evolved but its branding had remained more or less the same. Its site branding was becoming dated, triggering the company to rebrand and relaunch.

In the financial services space, trust is important, so Moneybrain needed a new look that incorporated this.

Here at Big Brand Ideas, we gave the brand a warm and approachable feel. The colourful guise has been used to remind its customers and prospects that financial services isn’t void of personality.

Read all about our rebrand of Moneybrain here


Ukraine aims to become next city break hotspot

Everything needs a brand, even an entire country, but that’s no mean feat.

In this case the country wished to take on a new, global, identity to boost business and tourism whilst changing the perception of Ukraine from ‘corruption’, ‘war’ and ‘revolution’ (words that were a result of a real audit according to Design Week), to a ‘place of opportunity’.

Now, we can’t really call it a rebrand as this is the first country brand the Ukraine has had, but it’s created something new, in order to challenge misconceptions.

The new branding uses Ukraine’s national colours and the Kiev-based design studio behind the work said the combination of ‘playful and modern’ colours coupled with ‘typeface that is rough around the edges’, gives the brand personality.

Ukraine and all those involved in this planned it well which is crucial. Conducting qualitative and quantitative research prior to making any big decisions is always recommended and this is a great example of why. Gaining insight into how people currently perceive your brand, and what they associate with it, is invaluable information that should be used to inform your new concept.


If any of these have inspired you to consider evolving your brand then get in touch for an informal chat.

By Cara Churchman

PR and Outreach Account Manager


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