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#OMBLIVE sponsored by Big Brand Ideas


Posted by Nick Entwistle

Friday, 23rd October saw the long awaited return of my One Minute Briefs event ‘OMBLIVE’, which was sponsored by the one and only Big Brand Ideas.

After working with BBI for a few months now, it was to fantastic to collaborate with them and huge thanks to Jon Butler for his help to make the night happen. And, what a night it was!

Held at the brilliant ‘Twenty Twenty Two’ venue in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, we saw the guests arrive from 7pm for drinks and networking. During the first hour, we got the One Minute Briefs tournament underway and began to fill the walls with ideas.

Then, BBI’s Digital Innovation Manager, Adam Britton officially introduced the evening’s itinerary and continued to be a great host throughout the night. First up was One Minute Speed Networking, which certainly raised the volume as we gave everyone one minute to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met before. After one minute, we asked everyone to switch person and we repeated this quite a few times. Suddenly, everyone knows each others names and the social side of the event became even stronger.

As everyone managed to catch a breath and grab a beer, we set up for the One Minute Talks, which featured a rap, poems, props, inspirational speeches and more. We also saw a superb talk by BBI’s MD Jon Butler, who raised the question. “What price can you put on a great idea?” and he’s right. What if the idea comes after one minute rather than taking a week to come up with? Many of the pieces of work in my own portfolio were my first thought. And it goes to show that One Minute Brief is not a gimmick, it’s a platform to put ideas out there and you’d surprise yourself by how good some of them can be.

Next up, we had some great One Minute video talks from followers around the world, including Poland, Australia and Gibraltar. It’s amazing to have such widespread support and , as ever, there was plenty of creativity on show as we saw a very talented painting Chihuahua, some Aussie ‘sledging and even some singing! It was also great to see messages from some of the charities we have helped in raising awareness.

The BBI Team at #OMBLIVE

During the videos I asked the bar staff to bring in 75 Jagerbombs, or as we call them (JagerOMBs) which each attendee received free with their tickets. This was perfect timing as I wanted to make sure everyone was suitably tipsy incase my talk was a load of rubbish!

But I needn’t have worried. The ‘OMBLES’ were in fine form as they showed me amazing support throughout. I spoke about putting your opinions and ideas out there without having any fear or worrying what people might think. If people dislike something you do, there will be plenty of people who like it. If you don’t do anything at all, then you are invisible. And as creatives, we simply can’t allow that to happen because I firmly believe that the most important work you do… is the work you do to get people to look at the work you do. Within my talk, I also shared some of the best OMB ads I’ve seen over the past year, as well as some of the amazing stories that have come from OMB. Some of this was quite emotional as it has been a very difficult year personally but the social community of One Minute Briefs have been exceptional and showed that there is more to life than advertising. This is about bringing people together.

#OMBLIVE sponsored by Big Brand Ideas

Immediately after the talk was the OMB tournament semi-finals which featured BBI’s Jon Butler (not a fix I promise!!) Accompanied by an intimidating 60 second timer, the guys did very well and we ended up with a grand final between OMB big hitters, Shane Jones and Owen Evans. In a tense showdown, Owen emerged as the victor and took home an OMB goodie bag that included an AdPad, sketching journal, markers, an OMB tee and the OMBook.

Owen wasn’t the only one to walk away with a prize as the next part of the night brought us the OMB Awards. Up first was the ‘Most Prolific OMBLE’ award and, of course, it went to @CreativeBrummie for the impressive dedication and enthusiasm that he puts into his ideas. Next was ‘Most Improved OMBLE’ which @PW_Bond won for the way he has got better and better every single time he creates an ad. Pure, simple creativity is now apparent in all of his ideas as he has developed into a very strong creative.

In between the OMB trophies, we gave away an eye pad to Shane Jones for ‘Moment of the Year’ after his appearance in the hot tub at the Chip Shop Awards. Twas a stunning sight.

Then we had ‘Most Consistent OMBLE’, which was won by @richbayley80. Not a brief goes by without this man coming up with a quality idea. This was followed by the OMBrilliance award, which went to @paperjamcreate as, not only are his ideas of a great standard, he is an advocate of One Minute Briefs and teaches his students to think in the One Minute Briefs way. His enthusiasm and effort in spreading the word wins him this award.

OMBLE’S OMBLE of the Year was up next and @Chorles was a clear winner in this category. She has won prizes, awards and respect from her fellow followers with her consistently brilliant ideas. Not only that, she thanks people for every single RT she gets and encapsulates the spirit of OMB perfectly. Well deserved.

Rounding off the awards was OMBLE of the Year which went to @Mac_Daddies for their ideas, support, encouragement of others and overall banter. All of these things make OMB great and these guys have excelled in all areas all year. And, apparently, they did a good ad for Oxfam too.

#OMBLIVE sponsored by Big Brand Ideas

Just before we finished the awards I was surprised on stage with some very kind words and a trophy for me with ‘One Minute Chief’ on it, along with a framed photograph made up of all the OMBs. I was shocked and truly overwhelmed as the audience chanted my name. Definitely an experience I’ll never ever forget.

And we couldn’t have a night at Twenty Twenty Two without some ping pong!! So we wheeled a table into our room and the competition was fierce and at one stage there was a dance-off just for ownership of the ping-pong bat! Steadily everyone merged into the main room to party the rest of the night away.

Overall, an amazing night for everyone involved. Big thanks to Big Brand Ideas and everyone who attended to make the night so amazing.

Looking forward to #OMBLIVE3

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