The IPA has just launched the latest findings in its unique TouchPoints survey. Used by the biggest planning agencies in the UK and beyond, it uncovers key insights into people’s lives and media habits which in turn can help brands understand how they can communicate more effectively with their target audience.

Which media are your customers consuming?

Intelligent engagement is our watchword at Big Brand Ideas. But before you can engage intelligently with customers, it helps to know what they are watching, reading, hearing and experiencing.

The report's headline finding is that the average UK adult now spends 7 hours 56 minutes a day consuming media. That's practically every non-working, non-sleeping minute - up 9% from 2016 and 13% from 2015.

At the same time

26% of all adults consume more than three different media in any half hour. In 2005 79% of adults were consuming two or more media in the same half hour at some point during their week, and this has risen to 92% in 2017. Adults now spend 2 hours 7 minutes a day media multi-tasking.

Traditional media survive and thrive

TV, newspapers and magazines, billboards and radio still play a key role in the average person's media mix - even with younger consumers. For example, 15-24 year olds are 93% more likely than adults to agree that "I often recommend things I've seen advertised on posters and digital screens."

We're listening

Radio is still active. 80% of all adults and 68% of millennials listen to live radio every week. Just under 50% of all adults agree that "listening to radio is an essential part of my day" - although only 25% of 15-24 year olds agree. On a weekday morning between 8.30 and 9, 17% (8.5 million) of the UK adult population are listening to the radio.

It's Netflix o'clock

54% of GB adults are watching some kind of video content between 9-10pm on any given weeknight. What's on? It could be a TV channel, but 24% of adults and 50% of 15-24s watch either Netflix or Amazon Prime every week.

Above all, we're social

76% of all adults and 95% of all millennials use social media or messaging every week, and the field continues to be dominated by Facebook, although other platforms are also growing, Snapchats daily UK active users are now at 10 million. Twitter is the only major player that's actually declining (very slightly) in popularity.


That's the witty word for all this media overload coined by PR guru Julia Hobsbawm. It recognises that most of us are binge-eating content, often cramming several different things into our minds at the same time. Picture someone travelling home listening to the radio or streaming music, then sitting down to watch TV or Netflix while switching between Facebook and surfing the web. That person is ravenous for content, and probably your customer.

Help, my message is drowning!

The only rational conclusion from all this data is that the media landscape is incredibly fragmented and noisy. Most marketing messages are simply drowned out. Only the highest quality, most relevant content can produce results. That, in a nutshell, is the case for talking to a company packed with talented content creators, engagement specialists and technical innovators.

We could probably help with that. Contact us to find out how.

By Tristan Morris

Brand and Planning Director


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