The importance of building a technically brilliant website


Posted by Jon Butler

In the world of search, Google is constantly evolving and updating their algorithms for the purpose of protecting their number one product, their search results. Gone are the days of being able to buy links or Guest Blog posts that would propel your website up the search results. It is all about building a brand which is about hard work with no real short cuts but long lasting results.

One of the main ranking factors in Google Algorithms is to ensure the site you are promoting or building is technically brilliant. There are many factors that ensure you get a thumbs up from the SERPs and they range from technical aspects such page speed and internal linking to content specific requirements. Good content that people want to link to and enjoy reading!

Technically brilliant websites

Ensuring the site you build is technically sound is a vital part of the jigsaw. Too many people design a great looking website but fall at the final hurdle by not ensuring a number of the following factors:

Page Load Speed - You can use free tools such as Pingdom and Google’s Page Speed Insights which evaluate the performance of your website and give suggestions on how to optimise them further. This all links back to giving the user an enjoyable speedy experience.

Internal linking - Getting this right will allow search engines to crawl the content on your site and ensure that it is indexed. There are so many sites that make the mistake of hiding the navigation so search engines cannot access it. This means that only the homepage is indexed which is not what you want. Especially after you have slaved away for days creating great content.

.htaccess File - If you are recreating a new version of an existing website, make sure you create an .htaccess File for any pages that do not exist anymore or have been superseded with a new URL. By doing this you will give your users a better experience and ensure any authority is passed onto the new pages.

The content of your page - We touched on this earlier but this is really that simple! Produce good content that people will want to share. Make sure your content has a demand for it consumption and make use of rich media. i.e video, images and sound as well as text.

Once you have written your content, make sure it is readable by search engines and that people can link to the content. Avoid images for text on websites with no ALT tag, content which is only readable when logged in and content that is not easily shared. Make it as easy as possible for people to share your article through social media. It is a really good way of picking up links and attracting new visitors to your site.

Don’t be lazy and make your content unique! Unique content is worth indexing and content that is ripped off from someone else’s hard work is going to be given no recognition and will have a negative effect on your site.

Optimising your pages - A well optimised web page should have highly relevant content about a subject that should be included in the following:

  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • Alt text in image
  • Mention of subject throughout the content

Choosing the right platform to develop with

Since 2011, the majority of websites built by Big Brand Ideas have used the WordPress platform. All of our sites are custom designed and WordPress allows Marketing Departments and Clients to easily update the website with new or existing content. Another massive factor in search engine algorithms.

If you are building an eCommerce site we would always suggest using Magento. It’s the industry leading eCommerce platform recently bought by ebay with thousands of apps and extensions giving you complete customisation at your finger tips.

The subject is so in-depth, that we could create an entire book about technically sound websites. Making sure you have a checklist for any new website you build will ensure that the customer has every chance of being able to rank and start their website journey. Designing a website that is pleasing to the eye is only a small piece in the jigsaw and ensuring the foundation for success are in place are equally as important.

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