When working across multiple brands, you quickly learn that no two press offices are the same.

 One day you’ll be selling in luxury interiors to a high-end glossy magazine, the next day you’ll be writing a press release for a well-established law firm and in the same week, it will be all hands on deck speaking to national newspapers to promote your client’s campaign.   

The key to keeping on top of all this is running an effective press office which is made up of people with a variety of experience, contacts and skills.

Here are some of our top tips to running a successful press office.

Research, research, research

You can never do enough research. From researching publications, to individual journalists and stories and even your own brand or client, it’s important to know each of these inside out. Make sure that each publication is relevant to your client and that you’re contacting the right journalist for your story.  

Be agile

As a press officer, it’s fundamental that you keep up to speed with current affairs and the hot topics in the news and on social media. This way, you can adapt your press releases or pitch something topical, which will give you more chance of gaining coverage.

Get personal

Once you’ve done your research, when contacting journalists, it’s important to take some time to personalise your approach depending on their regular features or the products they like. This way, they will be more interested in your story or brand. Understand that journalists receive hundreds of press releases daily so a copy and paste job just won’t do. You must make your pitch as personal as possible to them.

Follow up

Even when you’ve spent a copious amount of time selling in a press release, sometimes you’ll hear nothing back. Journalists are super busy, meaning that, they’ll be brief on the phone or emails will be missed. Don’t be afraid to send a follow up email or phone call, as this is a great way to gain insightful feedback.

Build a rapport

When it comes to getting your brand featured, the journalist usually has most of the power, so it’s important to be kind and memorable to them. It’s also beneficial to check in on journalists who you’ve spoken to previously, so they’re aware you’re still in the press office and willing to help with upcoming features. Plus, when you eventually build up this rapport, they will even come to you with opportunities or ask for your help.

Celebrate your success

There’s no better achievement than seeing that all your hard work and determination has paid off and you’ve gained coverage for your client or brand, especially if it’s a top tier media hit. Share your accomplishment on social media using relevant industry hashtags and @ mentioning the journalist or publication. They’ll like the fact you’ve thanked them and acknowledged your partnership.

Want to see if we can run a successful press office for you? Get in touch here.

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By Tamsin Dyson

PR and Outreach Account Manager


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