How to Distribute Your Content and Boost Your Blog’s Traffic


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Marketing departments across the world are now channeling a large proportion of their online budget towards content marketing - making sure that they creating high quality content which will be shared and seen. If you’re investing time and money creating the best content out, there you need to make sure that it doesn't go unread and lay abandoned in the depths of the internet.

Simply sharing your content on a handful of social media channels isn't going to cut the mustard I’m afraid. For that to stand any chance of working, you would need a huge social audience of you own to create the huge wave of traffic you are looking for.

So how do you widen your reach and make your blog generate more traffic to your suite. Here’s a few ideas…..

Create something educational

Be smart and create content for thought leadership and educational purposes. If you’re helping someone learn about what you do, the content you are creating is likely to be seen as useful, and there is a much higher chance that they will share it on social networks.

Emails – Make the most of them

Many people that you deal with in your industry may not have the time to read your blog daily to see if it has been updated. Send them a link in a newsletter/email update providing them with a link so they can click through to your blog.

You’re Audience across LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect place to promote your content online, as many contacts that you have will be in the same industry. This is the audience you want to see what you are blogging about. LinkedIn has more than 300 Million users with roughly 40% who will check their account on a daily basis.

Gaining Influencers

Look across your social accounts and see who are the experts in your industry, ask for their input in things and request any feedback they may have for you. Give these top dogs a good reason to read your content. When you have established a good base of top influencers, engage with their content by sharing to your own contacts.

Appealing blog or not…

Make sure your blog doesn't just look like a mass of text, add images, infographics, offer a free E-Book for them to download so they can read at their own leisure. A good way to keep people interested in your blog is to present them with a short snappy slide show. Try slideshare, as this is something over 48% of SMB owners believe to be highly effective when it comes to content promotion.

The Bottom Line

Create some really high quality, interesting, sharable content. This is key to a great content marketing strategy. But remember if nobody knows that it even exists, then it won’t benefit you one little bit. It really does pay to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to content distribution, give a few different tactics a go and track the results so that you can see what works best for you.

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