Google's Ranking Rollercoaster & Penguin 4.0


Posted by Paul Gregory

Here at Big Brand Ideas we have seen a number of big ranking fluctuations for a variety of search terms throughout September. We know there was talk of a major Google Update in September however Google are not giving away too much information.

This is an industry wide trend and has been monitored and reported on by the SEO industries top experts.

One of these experts (Dr. Pete from Moz) stated that September has been one of the most volatile months for Search Engine rankings since April 2012.


The above shows the search engine volatility (or temperature) for September. For reference anything in the 80’s normally indicates some interesting ranking fluctuations. Around the 70 mark is an average day.

Penguin 4.0

In addition to this Google rolled out their Penguin 4.0 update on the 22nd September. At present the September ranking fluctuations and Penguin 4.0 appear to be unrelated.

Initially there appeared to be no immediate major impact to the Penguin rollout, however a few days after saw Mozcast report some very high temperatures including the 2nd highest ever recorded by Mozcast.

penguin 4.0

This has led to continued ranking fluctuations which suggests that Penguin 4.0 is still in the process of rolling out. However, Google are yet to confirm whether the fluctuations are Penguin related.

It’s unclear how long this ranking roller-coaster ride will last but one things for sure it’s not been a smooth ride so far!

For more information on Septembers fluctuations and Penguin 4.0 you can visit the following pages:

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