BBI Goes Gold for MCR!


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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you will be well aware of the incredible success had by Team GB Olympic and Paralympic teams in Rio. Bringing home an outstanding 214 medals in total, it would only be fair if we got right behind them and did our bit to welcome them back to the capital of the North, Manchester!

To do this, Big Brand Ideas are getting involved with turning Manchester Gold. This involves wearing gold, painting yourself gold, having gold accessories, dyeing your hair gold or even playing Spandau Ballet at max volume. This will all be taking place at the #GoGoldMCR event, Deansgate - Albert Square, Manchester, on Monday 17th October at 4.30pm.

View the Route

Make no mistake, your efforts will be rewarded! Share your pictures using #GoGoldMCR to be in with the chance of winning lots of amazing prizes for 'Goldness' (check some of them out on the Facebook page). All the more reason to get behind the athletes.

Let's show the world that Manchester knows best how to celebrate our heroes!

Thousands of people are expected to be lining the streets as the parade passes, so don't miss out, make sure you're celebrating Great Britain's best Olympic year ever!

Our Involvement

We were following the Olympics & Paralympics from start to finish, so to get a chance to do work around it is a fantastic opportunity for us! Once again, we have teamed up with the good folks over at Magnafi to produce a campaign worthy of champions and heroes alike. Our expert team of designers have got to work on a variety of promotional pieces for the event, ranging from illustrative infographics to even changing our own website theme to Gold.

If for some reason you're unable to make it on Monday 17th October, do not fear! We have made the fun accessible to all in the local area via the magic of Snapchat. The filter we have created will be available on the day of the event for you to share with everyone and show your support!

MediaCity UK, Manchester Evening News and BBC news have all backed the campaign, showing their support by interviewing athletes and council members.

This is not all, the legend that is Johnny Vegas has gone back to his northern routes and has put himself behind the campaign with this beautifully passionate call-to-arms video:

You can find the Facebook page for the event here and the Twitter page here for updated information over this weekend.

View our GoGoldMCR infographic

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