Each year, Halloween is getting bigger and bigger in the UK. It’s growing at a faster rate than Valentine’s Day and the world’s biggest brands are spending more time and resource on Halloween to match this.

It seems it’s worthwhile to jump on the Halloween marketing bandwagon too, as according to Mintel, the UK will have increased its Halloween spending by 5 per cent this year to a whopping £420 million.

Now, you know we love a creative campaign and Halloween lends itself so well to getting a bit carried away (in a good way), so we’ve picked out four spookingly good campaigns that we think are some of this year’s best.

Manchester’s Halloween in the City

Building on the success of last year, Manchester has gone big for Halloween in the hope of attracting new and repeat visitors to the city.

With a range of events held over the weekend including an immersive Halloween experience, giant screenings of family favourite films, an enchanted garden and even a world record attempt, a collection of eight giant monsters were wrapped around the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The guerrilla marketing tactic has helped draw attention to the events and stopped people in their tracks on the streets. It’s also gathered traction on social media with people unable to resist sharing pictures of the giant inflatables.

Halloween in the City (1)


Marmite: Trick or Treat

Playing on the long-standing ‘You either love it or you hate it’ strapline Marmite has released two new limited-edition Halloween jars, available only for a few weeks this October. The temporary jars are considered collectables.

The Spooky Marmite jars come in two variations; A ‘Halloween Trick’ to ‘petrify a marmite hater’ and A ‘Halloween Treat’ to ‘spoil a marmite lover’, both of which can be personalised.

It’s a great example of how a brand can simply adopt some temporary product branding and update some of its largest points of sale to capture the Halloween spirit.


Fanta Surprise

Fanta really is dominating the Halloween space. Last year, the Coca-Cola owned brand put huge investment into a spooky virtual reality experience centred around a crashing elevator. The experimental campaign was watched using a Google VR headset could be experienced at Westfield Stratford or Thorpe Park.

This year, it gave Londoners and visitors to the capital the creeps as a terrifying giant spider was spotted prowling the streets.

Commuters and tourists experienced arachnophobia as the metre-wide spider was seen scuttling past shops and supermarkets, lurking under bridges and creeping up on joggers and cyclists in parks.

Hidden cameras recorded reactions but as a treat for having been tricked, victims of the prank were treated to one of Fanta’s new limited- edition Halloween flavours; Blood Orange Zero and Pink Grapefruit Zero. Clever right?

Now TV ‘Clowncer’

Finally, streaming service NOW TV launched a campaign to highlight the importance of watching our favourite creepy films in peace on All Hallows’ Eve.

It offered Brits the chance to enter a ballot to receive a free clown bouncer, or “clowncer”, for one night. Why you ask?  To deter mischevious trick-or-treaters and guarantee you an undisturbed night in watching your favourite scary movie.

The stunt was supported by a survey which revealed that Brits are expected to open their door over 300 million times to trick-or-treaters this Halloween, and the average person will have to answer six times. Meanwhile, 20 million of us are set to watch a scary film.polarr_image15-640x300

If this has inspired you to explore some seasonal ideas, with Christmas being your next big chance to shine, then get in touch.


By Cara Churchman

PR and Outreach Account Manager

Social Media Engagement

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