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DSMMCM1516 Social Media Cup Sponsors


Posted by Big Brand Ideas

As part of our commitment to give something back to the local digital community and hopefully encourage some of the graduates that Big Brand Ideas may be a good place for them to pursue a career in digital in the future, we are sponsoring The #DSMMCM1516 Social Media Cup this year.

With over 170 students on this year's course, they are tasked with developing a digital and social media strategy for a product/service/offering or a brand.  The students are encouraged to explore the different tools, channels and platforms they can use (and ultimately suggest as part of their proposed strategies). 

The winner of the Social Media Cup will be the team that can get the most followers to their Twitter account and multiplying that by the number of likes their Facebook Page gets, so we are quite excited to see what innovative and creative campaigns that they come up to try and win the competition.

We will be extending an invite to the winning team the opportunity to come and spend some time with Team Big Brand Ideas.

Keep an eye on what they are doing on the hashtag 

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