It's that time of year where everything starts to get a little bit spooky. Brands are ditching the norm for a ghoulish twist, and we LOVE IT. That's why we got involved and created this hauntingly addictive game Flappy Witch - a bewitching take on a popular mobile game you may have already heard of!

flappy witch play now.png

So who else has been giving us the creeps this week?


This is Coca-Cola’s biggest ever investment in Halloween content (it owns the Fanta brand). They have created a spooky virtual reality experience centred around a crashing elevator. The experimental campaign is best watched using a Google VR headset or those lucky enough to be at Westfield Stratford or Thorpe Park can try it live.  It has also created an on-bottle QR code for Snapchat combination which is being promoted nationally via bloggers and influencers.



More traditional TV advertising, modernised with Shazam and filters; Asda’s ‘Word Up’ TV advert has stolen the limelight from the other major supermarkets’ ads. Showcasing brilliantly its fancy-dress outfits and Halloween food lines, the ad is complemented by an online Halloween hub. Why is the campaign so good? The advert is simple but creatively catchy and is likely to remain in peoples’ minds next year too.



We all love Percy Pigs and Colin the Caterpillar so M&S has capitalised on our love of these, rebranding its most popular products. They haven’t spent millions on TV advertising however, but instead made the most of its huge social media following. Just one well-crafted Facebook post is getting in excess of 900,000 views, whilst the comments stream is never ending due to the well-chosen products sparking nostalgic debate.  

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By Jodie Houghton

Social Media Manager