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Bing It On


Posted by Andy Brownlie

Last Tuesday, our Head of Paid Marketing, Andy Brownlie had the privilege of being invited to Bing's 2nd annual Manchester Connect event at the Bridgewater Hall.

The event was attended by representatives from 100 of the North’s best digital agencies, so it was a great opportunity to discuss what was going on in the world of digital marketing as well as learn more about Bing's plans for the future.

It started with lunch, where I was pleasantly surprised to bump into a few people from some agencies I used to support for Google. It was interesting to hear their opinions on the Bing product, as well as their frustrations with some parts of it! However, we all agreed that we’d had some great results using Bing and were excited to see what was next for them.

The first presentation of the day was by Thom Arkestaal, Bings Search Sales Manager, who went through the presentation “Bing Is Bigger Than You Think”. Overall it was a great presentation, with the stand out point being that Bing has a market share of 25% of PC users in the UK. He also highlighted the fact that Bing's general demographic tends to be slightly older than that of Googles, and that they have a strong interest in verticals such as Travel and Finance.

He was then followed by Nitin Hegde, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bing UK, who ran us through some of the upcoming features Bing are going to be rolling out. Unfortunately, he swore us all to secrecy about them and I don’t want to break his trust, however rest assured Bing has some exciting updates coming soon!

After a quick break there was a Q & A panel with some leading figures in digital marketing, and it was interesting to hear their views on how they thought the industry would develop. The final presentation was by Ariane Donoghue, a Bing Digital Marketing Manager, who went through "The Future Decoded: Search Beyond the Box”. He discussed the rise in “digital personal assistants”, and how by 2020 it was expected that over 50% of searches will be done by voice. As search methods change so too will advertising, so this was a great insight into what is to come.

Since joining Big Brand Ideas I’ve been really impressed by the results our clients have been getting on Bing, and hopefully with the improvements they have in the pipeline these will only get better. Overall it was a really interesting event and left me excited to use Bing even more, as well as for next years meet up!

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