Big Brand Bogeys at Macclesfield Town FC Golf Day


Posted by Dan Hughan

At BBI, we fancy ourselves as experts in many fields. Golf, is not one of them. That being said, we were invited to attend the Macclesfield Town Football Club Golf Day at The Tytherington Club on Thursday 6th October. After becoming a sponsor of the club, we were delighted to accept and sent along Jon, Mike and Dan to showcase shoddy putting and dodgy driving under the name Big Brand Bogeys. We were very kindly joined by Rob Kane of SAS Daniels who would later have a moment of pure genius on the 13th.

With as much hope for the weather as our golfing ability, we were pleasantly surprised in both instances. Unlike BBI’s last golf outing, the weather was very kind to us and was setting us up for a rain free, and maybe even sunny, round of golf. 

After the little hiccup of starting on the wrong tee, we whizzed round in our buggies to the 1st to catch up with the flow of the shotgun start. After some questionable buggie driving, and even more questionable hacking down the fairway, we started to pull together some nice shots and began to find our rhythm.

Only the best two scores from each hole were counted, which worked well for us as surely enough, one of us was bound to fluff at least one or two shots on each hole, giving the others on the team opportunity to come up with the goods.

Getting from hole-hole and shot-shot was made all the more enjoyable and easier by the addition of buggies, which, we sometimes enjoyed more than the golf itself.

Skipping forward to the 13th hole (par 3), we found ourselves looking for someone to come up with a moment of genius following some below par tee shots. Step forward Rob Kane who provided us with the shot of the day – chipping in with a perfectly executed pitching wedge from 30+ yards, giving the team a well needed birdie. This was obviously followed by over-the-top and excited celebrations from the BBI representatives, yet a cool, Eric Cantona esque nod of acceptance from Rob gave the impression that this was not his first time sinking a chip.

We finished up the day, in the bar, of course, to witness the very generous raffle conducted by Dan Ackerly and co. It was great to see so many people supporting our local club and donating so many fantastic prizes. To our surprise, we finished a very respectable 8th out of 17 teams which we were happy with after seeing the quality of some of the golfers taking part!

A massive thank you to Dan and the team working behind the scenes at the club - we are already practicing for next year’s event! We’re sure the local community will continue to support Macclesfield Town FC all the way through to promotion to the football league at the end of this season!

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