BBI Creative Director releases Agency Quotes book!


Posted by Jodie Houghton

You might already know that our Creative Director Nick Entwistle, has his fingers in many pies... Digital pies... Raspberry Pi's, if you will. As if joining the Big Brand Ideas team wasn't enough for him, he has just released his first ever book along with Copywriter extraordinaire Vikki Ross.

Sure to ring true to anyone working in a Digital Agency, the book was created off the back of the @AgencyQuotes Twitter and features gems from many of our peers. We've heard that there might even be a quote in there from the Big Brand Ideas team!

About the book:

“I’m tweeting that” It’s funny the things you hear in agencies. Ad speak, technical jargon, client feedback. That’s what we thought back in 2012, so we created @AgencyQuotes on Twitter – a place for everyone agency-side to celebrate the advertising industry together and tweet all the #thingsyouhearinagencies.

Since then, we’ve shared almost 20,000 tweets to over 7,000 followers around the world. We’ve selected some of the best and put them in here – our first book. You’ll probably recognise a few. You’ll definitely nod knowingly. You may even laugh. Just don’t cry.

If you’re in advertising, or you want to be, then we’re sure you’ll relate to the brilliant quotes you’ll find in our first ever book!

You can order your copy of the book here

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