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Are you ready for the mobile era?


Posted by Jon Butler

Website design has come on a long way since the very first sites appeared in the early 90’s. As we continue to push the boundaries and broadband speeds open up new opportunities, the web is a more engaging place than ever before.

We are moving at such a fast pace with media content on mobile devices now overtaking desktop computers. A recent report by Ofcom states that mobile and tablet users outnumber desktop and laptop users when accessing the internet with 52% of all respondents choosing mobile and tablet devices compared with 46% on more traditional laptop and desktop computers. The invasion of the smart device has even reached the playground with 1 in 3 children now owning a smart device.

With this shift in user behaviour, Google has now started to warn Webmasters if their sites aren’t mobile friendly. The rumour is that sites which aren’t mobile friendly will suffer in search results as their user experience isn’t a good one. We expect this algorithm update to take effect sometime in mid-2015.

With the rise of smart devices, companies who ignore this warning are potentially going to miss out on large amounts of traffic. With only 1 in 8 websites thought to be responsive, there is a huge amount of businesses ignoring large swathes of potential customers.

The way forward

Responsive website design has been around for many years but has really gathered momentum in the last 3 years. RWD when applied correctly gives users on all sizes and resolutions of mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops a great user experience. The advantages are far reaching, ranging from increased usability, higher ROI/conversion and easy maintenance.

At BBI, we’ve been pioneering responsive web design since day one. Since the very first fluid, elastic websites popped up in 2006/7.

The good news is it is relatively easy to make the change and the benefits outweigh the time and initial expense. If you have any questions about responsive design please give us a call on 0161 441 4740. Making the jump is easier than you think.

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