Are still images a thing of the past yet?


Posted by Kim Bond

Across all departments and disciplines at BBI, we like to challenge our creativity by using innovative technologies from around the world. Our Creative Art Worker, Kim Bond, has been having a look at the wonderful world of Cinemagraphs and has very kindly shared her thoughts for the benefit of our blog!

Way back in 2015, we did a short blog on some trend predictions for 2016 and our Head of Design, Rob Bolt accurately included Cinemagraphs amongst his predictions.

Rob said:

"Cinemagraphs are becoming more and more common place to bring life into an otherwise static image at the top of your website. They bring this area to life without the use of a video. Making it much more engaging."

You can read the blog here.

The cinemagraphy trend was invented in 2011 by Jamie Beck, a New York fashion photographer, and Kevin Burg, a motion graphic designer. Cinemagraphs are static images with a small repeated movement created as loop drawing particular attention to certain area within your photograph giving it a new creative life. They aren't just made for fun, over the years cinemagraphy has become increasingly popular with brands in marketing campaigns. Brands such as Chanel, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Viktor & Rolf and Budweiser due to the response to Facebook’s autoplay video and Instagram’s ability to play videos on a loop, resulting in a powerful medium for your visual content.

Some of you may never have seen a cinemagraph before, so here are some of our favourites that we have found...

Coffee Cinemagraph

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