A slice of Dismaland has arrived in Macclesfield


Posted by Big Brand Ideas

After the success of the month-or-so long exhibition back in 2015 from world renowned street artist, Banksy, the mighty Macclesfield has got its self a piece of the action in the form of a 40ft shipping container by James Cauty – formerly of chart topping band KLF.

The ADP Riot Tour is currently taking place over the country and this exhibition is only visiting towns that have had a riot in the past. “When was the riot in Macclesfield?” I hear you ask! In 1812 there was the creatively named “potato riot of 1812” that took part in Macclesfield Market place which surprisingly was about potatoes… We are imagining some sort of Spanish Tomato Festival but more angry and more potatoes.

The exhibition was brought into town thanks to a crowd-funding event by community arts organisation “Artspace”

It is positioned in Exchange Street Carpark between Tesco Metro, B&M Bargains and the Macclesfield Heritage centre.

The piece showcases a scene of riot police defusing a situation in an anarchic world. Obviously, the figures on show are miniature. Full size people in police gear stuffed into a container would make for a less artistic scene. Or would it…? You heard it here first, Bansky! The scene is visible through hundreds of viewing holes at varying heights in the sides and ends of the containers, some offering better views than others.

Be sure to catch it before it vanishes, as it will only be on display until the 21st November! It is a free exhibit, which is of course always great because who doesn’t love a freebie. Even if it’s not your kind of thing, get yourself down and have a browse for a couple of minutes. You never know, it might ignite a creative spark in you!

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