Top Tips to Protect your Brand on Social Media


Posted by Jodie Houghton

Top Tips for Protecting your Brand on Social Media...

Our BBI Digital Content guru Jodie Houghton gives us her top tips on protecting and managing your brands reputation on social media...

As brands become more accessible than ever, it is inevitable that they will at some point encounter negative reviews, feedback or comments. This is why it is so important to have a reputation management procedure in place to ensure that any problems are solved promptly and professionally.

1. Do not remove or hide the comment
Deleting comments will only add fuel to the fire and in the case of Google or Facebook reviews it is difficult to get them taken down. If the review is believed to be from a fake profile it is best to report the fake account and allow it to be dealt with accordingly. As it is unlikely the profile will be removed immediately it is then essential that you treat it as if it were a real review by following the next steps.

2. Make sure you check the facts
Find out if the comments have any credibility and if there is a person at the company who has previously dealt with the commenter. This will help you to refer the commenter to the relevant department and solve the problem quickly.

3. Try and move the conversation offline
Keep your response professional and to the point. You don’t want the conversation to continue on a public platform, so it is always best to provide a contact name and a phone number for the commenter to resolve the issue offline.

4. Build on the positives
If you can’t get the commenter to remove their post, you should try to flush out the negatives with positives. Whether that be through encouraging good reviews, or posting great new content.

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